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DEADLINE (UTC+2) 2023-08-07 17:00:00 Category / CUT M1000 / 56
Location Toronto-Montreal Canada Tennis court / Conditions Hard (out.)
Dates 2023-08-07 - 2023-08-13 Prize Money 6 600 000 USD (+ 11.36 %)
Winners Jannik Sinner
Ratio BWW 60.0 % (33/55)

Unlucky loser : backhandpass - (2023-12-30 00:22)
“ Come join us at Tennis Draw Challenge ( TDC ) is a free fantasy tennis game where participants may compete in two different formats. The bracket format involves making predictions of match winners for the entire draw while the team format focuses on trying to choose the best performing players in each tournament subject to seasonal quotas. TDC currently covers 65 tournaments at the ATP 250, ATP 500, ATP 1000, and Grand Slam tiers and 59 tournaments at the WTA International, Premier, and Grand Slam tiers with bracket predictions involving singles, main draw matches. TDC is not affiliated with ATP Tour, Inc., ATP World Tour Draw Challenge Circuit, WTA Tour, Inc., or WTA Draw Challenge in any way. I will create an open league named Lucky Loser's and if interested please join and we can continue creating brackets and enjoying ourselves! My name is Milo (backhandpass) First brackets open in a couple of days ” ”

Runner-up : Tipsytime - (2023-08-14 10:41)
“ Ah, one step from double title in Canada this week. Congrats to jimmycornflake, his Sinner was better than my de Minaur and that decided. I hope i can continue in this pace in last part of this season. ”

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#PlayerPoints defendingPointsPicksGood picksRatioWinnerRunner-upSemi-finalist-PTS
1Netherlands#15jimmycornflake 1081.55532/5558.2%SinnerRublev Alcaraz - Medvedev V1000
2Serbia#5-Sd#5Tipsytime Tipsytime1077.65533/5560.0%AlcarazMinaur Tsitsipas - Zverev F600
3Norway#44chafedex  66.65532/5558.2%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Zverev SF1360
4Paraguay#24LeTennis LeTennis1063.75429/5453.7%AlcarazMedvedev Alcaraz - SinnerRublev SF2360
5Netherlands#42grandje grandje4562.95527/5549.1%MedvedevSinner Alcaraz - Zverev QF180
6France#68Getluckyornot  61.85532/5558.2%AlcarazFritz Tsitsipas - Tiafoe QF180
7France#39JSPAD95 JSPAD959061.15529/5552.7%MedvedevAlcaraz Sinner - Tiafoe QF180
8France#53Sypha Sypha1060.65530/5554.5%TiafoeAlcaraz Sinner - Medvedev QF180
9France#31Dzep Dzep 59.45530/5554.5%AlcarazZverev Sinner - Medvedev 8e90
10France#23dcb70 1058.85530/5554.5%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Zverev 8e90
11Argentina#36srematias 4558.55530/5554.5%AlcarazRublev Sinner - Fritz 8e90
12France#12JeanLebowski JeanLebowski 58.05529/5552.7%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Zverev 8e90
13Sweden#30anekfu anekfu1057.05529/5552.7%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Zverev 8e90
14France#4-Sd#4MaxlaMenace 4556.55530/5554.5%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Zverev 8e90
15Belgium#49Adriano2000x Adriano2000x1055.35528/5550.9%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Zverev 8e90
16Switzerland#41Adunar 18055.35530/5554.5%MedvedevAlcaraz Tsitsipas - Rublev 8e90
17France#1-Sd#1Sim 1055.25528/5550.9%MedvedevTsitsipas Rune - Zverev 16e45
18France#22Alexpp Alexpp 54.95526/5547.3%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Tiafoe 16e45
19France#46FabulFab FabulFab1054.45527/5549.1%AlcarazZverev Sinner - Medvedev 16e45
20New Zealand#28Tono 4554.15529/5552.7%MedvedevAlcaraz Sinner - Zverev 16e45
21France#11nuageblanc 1054.05528/5550.9%AlcarazTiafoe Tsitsipas - Medvedev 16e45
22France#45GollumRF GollumRF 53.05529/5552.7%AlcarazTiafoe Tsitsipas - Medvedev 16e45
23Netherlands#20Monkie 1052.55529/5552.7%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Tiafoe 16e45
24Argentina#3-Sd#3ezequiel2014 36052.25526/5547.3%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Ruud 16e45
25Chile#35pmaister pmaister18052.25527/5549.1%MedvedevAlcaraz Sinner - Rublev 16e45
26Argentina#29gasgalarza 1051.95528/5550.9%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Zverev 16e45
27United Kingdom#14Drivers  51.15528/5550.9%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Zverev 16e45
28France#38Topper Topper4550.95527/5549.1%AlcarazFritz Auger-Aliassime - Tiafoe 16e45
29Chile#2-Sd#2lightgas 60050.75528/5550.9%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Ruud 16e45
30France#8-Sd#8BBZ BBZ100050.55526/5547.3%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Rublev 16e45
31Canada#6-Sd#6dwightcharles dwightcharles1050.45525/5545.5%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Rublev 16e45
32France#33DianeGrr 36050.45526/5547.3%MedvedevAlcaraz Sinner - Zverev 16e45
33France#25crush 4550.25526/5547.3%AlcarazZverev Sinner - Medvedev 32e10
34Norway#43PrinceGaga 4550.15526/5547.3%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Rublev 32e10
35France#27ggfabi 1049.55525/5545.5%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Rublev 32e10
36United Kingdom#57mcatolico 4549.25527/5549.1%MurrayMedvedev Alcaraz - Zverev 32e10
37France#66MisterCoq  48.55526/5547.3%MedvedevTsitsipas Alcaraz - Zverev 32e10
38France#40Faux Faux4547.95527/5549.1%Medvedev[LL] Vukic Alcaraz - Rublev 32e10
39France#25Dan10nis Dan10nis1047.85525/5545.5%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Zverev 32e10
40Switzerland#52JackPerth JackPerth4547.65524/5543.6%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Tiafoe 32e10
41Austria#10Zedon57 1047.25526/5547.3%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Rublev 32e10
42United States of America#55ThePunisher 9047.15526/5547.3%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Zverev 32e10
43Lebanon#7-Sd#7RogerCake 1046.95523/5541.8%AlcarazMedvedev Sinner - Rublev 32e10
44Spain#34latizada 4546.85527/5549.1%MedvedevAlcaraz Tsitsipas - Zverev 32e10
45Australia#50Snollygoster Snollygoster9046.55524/5543.6%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Zverev 32e10
46France#19SNAP 4545.65524/5543.6%AlcarazMedvedev Auger-Aliassime - Rublev 32e10
47France#32tib_os tib_os1045.55526/5547.3%MedvedevAlcaraz Tsitsipas - Rublev 32e10
48United States of America#37tenedab 18045.25525/5545.5%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Rublev 32e10
49France#47jeanlebosquet  45.15522/5540.0%AlcarazZverev Sinner - Medvedev 32e10
50France#17Toastt3 Toastt318044.95524/5543.6%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Zverev 32e10
51France#13Paulinugo 1044.95526/5547.3%MedvedevTsitsipas Alcaraz - Zverev 32e10
52United States of America#21backhandpass 4537.45521/5538.2%AlcarazMedvedev Tsitsipas - Rublev 32e10

52 Players. Missing members of the top20 LLTL: #9-siggy #16-EvilScootus #18-CocoJumbo

* If several players have the same points AND the same number of good picks, the ATP points are shared between these players. For more details, please read the article.

Points per good pick-1234556-
Final prize LLTL rank.01045901803603606001000