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In case of a tie : small change in the rules

HAL Loser - 2017-03-11 14:40

Hi everybody !

Last week, we almost had a very big tie : 4 players could have ended runner-up in Acapulco or Dubai. Which means 4 players with 300 points.
The problem is that it could also happen one day for a grand slam title. Imagine 3 players with 2000 points during one Grand Slam : quite unfair for the Race to the Masters.

You'll find more details on the french version of this article, but here is what we decided to do for the future, in case of a tie.

From now on, the payers ending with the same amount of points and the same amount of good picks will share their ATP points. I explain this with an example.
At Acapulco, chucknorris and jose_sans_mobilette were finaly the 2 runner-ups, each of them earned 300pts.
With the new rule, both would still be runner-up, but they would have earned 240pts each instead of 300pts.
Why 240 ? It's the average of the prize for the runner-up of an ATP500 and the prize of a semi-finalist. (300 + 180) / 2 = 240pts.

Another example, to be sure that everybody is ok with this. If tomorrow 3 players end 1st in a Grand Slam, they will share :
2000 (winner's prize) + 1200 (runner-up's prize) + 720 (semi-finalist's prize) = 3920 pts. Which means 1307 pts each, instead of 2000.

Please pardon my poor english, I hope you understood it...
And I hope it seems fair to you. If not, or if you have a better idea, please contact me !
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