Wikipedia Eng / Fr Previous events Adelaide International 1
DEADLINE (UTC+2) 2022-01-04 00:00:00 Category / CUT ATP 250 / 28
Location Adelaide Australia Tennis court / Conditions Hard (out.)
Dates 2022-01-03 - 2022-01-09 Prize Money 521 000 USD
Winners Gael Monfils
Ratio BWW 66.7 % (18/27)

Winner : Makanaki - (2022-01-15 10:35)
“ Hi to all the tennis fans out there, what can I say, everything went well in this tournament here in Adelaide and so we had a perfect start into the 2022 season. My estimation that Monfils will come back was confirmed and he won the final against Kachanov. The rest of the grid also fit quite well, except for Millman, who was my loser here. But in the end it was enough for another tournament win and I hope for an exciting and good Australian Open, with or without Djokovic. Have fun and success to all, love ;o) Makanaki ”

Runner-up : RogerCake - (2022-01-09 20:03)
“ Foutu Monfils ! Pendant 1 an le mec a le niveau d'un vieux 30/3 qui a conservé son classement parce qu'il s'est inscrit au tournoi de son club (où il aura pris 6/1 6/2 au premier tour), et là il gagne le tournoi direct ! En me faisant perdre la première place à la dernière journée... Mais bien joué à ceux qui l'ont vu aller au bout, fallait oser. Et je vais pas râler, ça reste une finale. Contrairement à Toast et Crush qui s'amusent à chambrer, bande de rageux =) ”

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#PlayerPoints defendingPointsPicksGood picksRatioWinnerRunner-upSemi-finalist-PTS
1Austria#23Makanaki  50.82415/2462.5%MonfilsKhachanov Millman - Cilic V250
2Lebanon#46RogerCake  48.42415/2462.5%KhachanovMonfils Ymer - Cilic F150
3France#55Dulo40  39.42415/2462.5%KhachanovTiafoe Monfils - Cilic SF190
4Serbia#4-Sd#3Tipsytime Tipsytime 38.22411/2445.8%MonfilsCilic Tiafoe - Khachanov SF290
5France#15SNAP  38.02411/2445.8%MonfilsDjere Bonzi - Khachanov QF45
6France#14DianeGrr  36.92412/2450.0%MonfilsFucsovics Tiafoe - Rune QF45
7France#39dcb70  35.72413/2454.2%TiafoeKhachanov Monfils - Cilic QF45
8United States of America#26ThePunisher  34.42414/2458.3%PaulKhachanov Tiafoe - Cilic QF45
9Australia#41EvilScootus  30.72412/2450.0%KhachanovMusetti Tiafoe - Cilic 8e20
10United Kingdom#66atoenupu  29.82411/2445.8%CilicKwon Monfils - Khachanov 8e20
11France#13-Sd#8Dan10nis Dan10nis 27.92412/2450.0%CilicTiafoe Monfils - Khachanov 8e20
12Argentina#6-Sd#5gasgalarza  27.82411/2445.8%CilicTiafoe Monfils - Khachanov 8e20
13France#9-Sd#6Toastt3 Toastt3 26.62410/2441.7%PaulKhachanov Tiafoe - Cilic 8e20
14France#27BBZ BBZ 25.82411/2445.8%PaulCilic Tiafoe - Khachanov 8e20
15United States of America#5-Sd#4tenedab  24.92411/2445.8%CilicTiafoe Paul - Khachanov 8e20
16France#3-Sd#2crush  24.52410/2441.7%KhachanovTiafoe Paul - Rune 8e20
17France#54jeanlebosquet  23.12410/2441.7%CilicPaul Kwon - Khachanov 16e0
18Belgium#18Adriano2000x Adriano2000x 22.42410/2441.7%FucsovicsTiafoe Monfils - Cilic 16e0
19France#11-Sd#7Sim  21.12410/2441.7%PaulFucsovics Tiafoe - Cilic 16e0
20France#19FabulFab FabulFab 20.3249/2437.5%CilicKwon Musetti - Khachanov 16e0
21France#50tib_os tib_os 18.2249/2437.5%FucsovicsTiafoe Musetti - Cilic 16e0
22Chile#74pmaister pmaister 18.2249/2437.5%PaulRune Tiafoe - Khachanov 16e0
23Argentina#1-Sd#1srematias  18.1249/2437.5%PaulFucsovics Kwon - Cilic 16e0
24France#32Topper Topper 16.6248/2433.3%MagerTiafoe Musetti - Cilic 16e0
25Netherlands#38jimmycornflake  12.0246/2425.0%PaulFucsovics Tiafoe - Djere 16e0
26France#16MaxlaMenace  6.694/944.4% Tiafoe -  16e0

26 Players. Missing members of the top20 LLTL: #2-latizada #7-CocoJumbo #8-Tono #10-mcatolico #12-TennisElbow #17-anekfu #20-Adunar

* If several players have the same points AND the same number of good picks, the ATP points are shared between these players. For more details, please read the article.

Points per good pick123445-
Final prize LLTL rank.020459090150250