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DEADLINE (UTC+2) 2021-01-07 17:00:00 Category / CUT ATP 250 / 28
Location Delray Beach United States of America Tennis court / Conditions Hard (out.)
Dates 2021-01-07 - 2021-01-13 Prize Money 349 530 USD (-42.03 %)
Winners Hubert Hurkacz
Ratio BWW 48.1 % (13/27)

Unlucky loser : DianeGrr - (2021-01-15 17:29)
“ Bonjour à tous, 1 tournoi joué = 1 discours. Je suis assez fière de ma perf ! J'ai regardé mes stats et ce tournoi de Delray Beach m'aura permis d'établir le pire score de ma carrière avec un magnifique 33,3%. En ce début d'année 2021, je vous souhaite à tous de connaître pareil bonheur ;) ”

Winner : dwightcharles - (2021-01-13 22:40)
“ I'm totally surprised by this iwin! Missing two semi-finalists and the winner... I thought I had no chance. I have to thank all the strong players who didn't show up for this tournament. Apparently I like the US afterall! ”

Runner-up : tenedab - (2021-01-14 03:27)
“ I had to pick Delray since it's pretty close to my house and I went to the finals there for the past three years. Congrats to dwightcharles, the northern neighbor, for doing it the hard way and winning it without the winner. I am counting on my 2nd place finish to be a nice warm-up for more important tournaments in the weeks ahead. ”

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#PlayerPoints defendingPointsPicksGood picksRatioWinnerRunner-upSemi-finalist-PTS
1Canada#51dwightcharles dwightcharles 292717/2763.0%IsnerHurkacz Garin - Norrie V250
2United States of America#14-Sd#8tenedab  282716/2759.3%HurkaczTiafoe Garin - Isner F150
3Belgium#6-Sd#3Adriano2000x Adriano2000x 272714/2751.9%HurkaczTiafoe Garin - Isner SF190
-France#17tib1211 tib1211150272714/2751.9%HurkaczIsner Querrey - Tiafoe SF190
5Poland#43CocoJumbo  262714/2751.9%HurkaczTiafoe Garin - Isner QF45
-Netherlands#64Monkie  262714/2751.9%HurkaczPaul Querrey - Mannarino QF45
7United Kingdom#9-Sd#6mcatolico  252716/2759.3%IsnerQuerrey Hurkacz - Norrie QF45
8Sweden#26anekfu anekfu 232716/2759.3%MannarinoGarin Hurkacz - Isner QF45
9France#31dcb70 45232715/2755.6%MannarinoHurkacz Garin - Isner 8e20
-France#63Topper Topper 232715/2755.6%MannarinoHurkacz Garin - Isner 8e20
-Paraguay#3-Sd#1LeTennis LeTennis90232715/2755.6%GarinPaul Hurkacz - Norrie 8e20
12New Zealand#4-Sd#2Tono  222714/2751.9%IsnerHurkacz Garin - Tiafoe 8e20
13Serbia#15Tipsytime Tipsytime20212713/2748.1%IsnerHurkacz Querrey - Tiafoe 8e20
-Norway#11-Sd#7PrinceGaga  212713/2748.1%IsnerHurkacz Querrey - Mannarino 8e20
15Switzerland#27Adunar 20202712/2744.4%IsnerHurkacz Querrey - Tiafoe 8e20
16Netherlands#46jimmycornflake 45192713/2748.1%PaulMager Hurkacz - Mannarino 8e20
17France#38PatouDur PatouDur 182713/2748.1%MannarinoQuerrey Hurkacz - Isner 16e0
-France#35JeanLebowski JeanLebowski20182713/2748.1%PaulGarin Hurkacz - Tiafoe 16e0
-Spain#8-Sd#5latizada  182713/2748.1%IsnerQuerrey Hurkacz - Mannarino 16e0
20Sweden#41HTS  182712/2744.4%IsnerQuerrey Hurkacz - Tiafoe 16e0
21Austria#32Makanaki  172712/2744.4%IsnerQuerrey Hurkacz - Tiafoe 16e0
-France#7-Sd#4jeanlebosquet  172712/2744.4%TiafoeQuerrey Hurkacz - Paul 16e0
23France#37MaxlaMenace 20162713/2748.1%GarinMannarino Andujar - Paul 16e0
24France#24Dersch  152710/2737.0%IsnerGarin Hurkacz - Mannarino 16e0
25United States of America#29ThePunisher  132710/2737.0%IsnerQuerrey Karlovic - Tiafoe 16e0
26France#21DianeGrr  11279/2733.3%IsnerAndujar McDonald - Mannarino 16e0

26 Players. Missing members of the top20 LLTL: #1-Panatta #2-TennisElbow #5-atoenupu #10-Energyx17 #12-gasgalarza #13-Faux #16-grandje #18-Drivers #19-ggfabi #20-crush

* If several players have the same points AND the same number of good picks, the ATP points are shared between these players. For more details, please read the article.

Points per good pick123445-
Final prize LLTL rank.020459090150250