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DEADLINE (UTC+2) 2023-02-06 18:30:00 Category / CUT ATP 250 / 28
Location Cordoba Argentina Tennis court / Conditions Clay
Dates 2023-02-06 - 2023-02-12 Prize Money 642 735 USD (+ 6.85 %)
Winners Sebastian Baez
Ratio BWW 55.6 % (15/27)

Winner : latizada - (2023-02-13 10:18)
“ Hi Luckylosers! Last year was a very difficult year for me. No trophies, out of top 10. I even thought I was getting old and the NextGen will bury me and my old rivals (srematias, adunar, anekfu or the already retired chucknorris).

After a bad start of the new season, clay courts came back to rescue me. I am very happy to win at Córdoba! It is my second trophy in Argentina and I'm back in the top10. Hope I won't abandon it again for a very long time!

I have to say thanks to Sebas Báez! He is a super-great claycourter and I wish him much more success in the future. I have the feeling that, after the change in the LTLL scoring system, hitting the tournament winner is required to win trophies. I do not know if this is for good or for bad but, clearly, we have to adapt to the new conditions.

Sorry for the long speech. It's clear that I have a lot of words to say. I wish you all the best for this season and enjoy this wonderful sport! ”

Runner-up : CocoJumbo - (2023-02-13 08:33)
“ Over a year since my last podium, happy to be back. Congrats Latizada for taking the win! ”

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#PlayerPoints defendingPointsPicksGood picksRatioWinnerRunner-upSemi-finalist-PTS
1Spain#12-Sd#2latizada 2044.22714/2751.9%BaezCerundolo Schwartzman - Ramos-Vinolas V250
2Poland#62CocoJumbo  39.52713/2748.1%BaezCerundolo Schwartzman - Ramos-Vinolas F150
3Chile#21-Sd#4pmaister pmaister2036.22715/2755.6%SchwartzmanRamos-Vinolas Baez - Coria SF190
4Sweden#39anekfu anekfu15033.92712/2744.4%SchwartzmanCoria Miralles - Ramos-Vinolas SF290
5United States of America#49tenedab 4532.62712/2744.4%TabiloBaez Cerundolo - Etcheverry QF45
6Austria#2-Sd#1Zedon57 4530.9279/2733.3%BaezCecchinato Schwartzman - Etcheverry QF45
7Argentina#32-Sd#7ezequiel2014 9026.22710/2737.0%Ramos-VinolasSchwartzman Baez - Coria QF45
8France#46tib_os tib_os 24.92711/2740.7%SchwartzmanRamos-Vinolas Baez - Cerundolo QF45
9France#26-Sd#5DianeGrr  24.32711/2740.7%CerundoloSchwartzman Baez - Martinez 8e20
10France#32-Sd#8ggfabi  23.62711/2740.7%Ramos-VinolasSchwartzman Baez - Cecchinato 8e20
11France#31-Sd#6nitsuj  20.12711/2740.7%SchwartzmanCerundolo Miralles - Etcheverry 8e20
12Argentina#20-Sd#3gasgalarza  19.62710/2737.0%SchwartzmanCerundolo Galan - Ramos-Vinolas 8e20
13France#69LilArt84  16.1279/2733.3%CerundoloSchwartzman Baena - Garin 8e20
14France#43jeanlebosquet  14.6277/2725.9%Ramos-VinolasSchwartzman Gaston - Cerundolo 8e20

14 Players. Missing members of the top20 LLTL: #1-PrinceGaga #3-BBZ #4-siggy #5-Toastt3 #6-Sim #7-grandje #8-MaxlaMenace #9-crush #10-lightgas #11-Drivers #13-Letaulier #14-JeanLebowski #15-Tono #16-jimmycornflake #17-backhandpass #18-srematias #19-dwightcharles

* If several players have the same points AND the same number of good picks, the ATP points are shared between these players. For more details, please read the article.

Points per good pick123445-
Final prize LLTL rank.020459090150250