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DEADLINE (UTC+2) 2021-02-01 01:00:00 Category / CUT ATP 250 / 56
Location Melbourne Australia Tennis court / Conditions Hard (out.)
Dates 2021-02-01 - 2021-02-07 Prize Money 320 775 USD
Winners Daniel Evans
Ratio BWW 63.6 % (35/55)

Unlucky loser : Toastt3 - (2021-02-07 20:07)
“ C'est un honneur d'être interviewé suite à ma dernière place à Melbourne 2, une performance qu'apprécierait la FFL et dont mon sparing partner et partenaire de double RogerCake est, même s'il ne veut pas l'admettre, fortement jaloux. Sécuriser un titre (par le bas du tableau, certes), 2-3 jours avant la fin du tournoi n'est pas une mince affaire, et je n'en suis pas peu fier ! Ma demi finale a Antalya début janvier semble donc n'avoir été qu'une erreur, car me voilà retombé dans mes travers de 2020. J'espère juste que l'acclimatation d'une semaine au climat australien ne me jouera pas de tour et ne m'amènera pas à réaliser ma première belle perf en GC depuis 1 an et demi... J'ai un standing à tenir ! La lose, plus qu'une défaite, c'est un art de vivre. ”

Winner : grandje - (2021-02-07 19:37)
2021 is on! What a way to start this new tennis year. I'm really happy to claim this title. I want to thank Nelson for this. First of all because of all his hard work in this game. And second for his wake up call. In the last tournament before the Covid-crisis, he invited me for an interview. Not because of my success.. He noticed my terrible results of the last months... After this interview I went back to the basics, copied the gluten free diet from Djoko and it all worked out, I'm on fire since the restart.

I also want to take this podium to notice everybody on a game in a game. My good friends Jimmycornflake and Monkie are in a battle with each other in tournaments played without a title. It's currently 51-46 in the advantage of Monkie. I wish them both the best in their game in the game! ”

Runner-up : tenedab - (2021-02-09 02:19)
“ Congrats to grandje! Well done! Thanks to Nelson and HAL for all their work. I am getting to like my second place finishes. I hope this streak continues... ”

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#PlayerPoints defendingPointsPicksGood picksRatioWinnerRunner-upSemi-finalist-PTS
1Netherlands#15-Sd#3grandje grandje 615535/5563.6%Auger-AliassimeKyrgios Wawrinka - Humbert V250
2United States of America#13-Sd#2tenedab  605530/5554.5%Auger-AliassimeEvans Wawrinka - Humbert F150
3Switzerland#24Adunar  595529/5552.7%Auger-AliassimeEvans Wawrinka - Dimitrov SF190
4France#26ggfabi  575532/5558.2%CoricAuger-Aliassime Wawrinka - Humbert SF268
-France#69JSPAD95 JSPAD95 575532/5558.2%Auger-AliassimeCoric Fritz - Dimitrov SF268
6Australia#40Snollygoster Snollygoster 555531/5556.4%Auger-AliassimeWawrinka Kyrgios - Dimitrov QF45
-Argentina#29srematias  555531/5556.4%WawrinkaAuger-Aliassime Kyrgios - Dimitrov QF45
8France#59FabulFab FabulFab 525528/5550.9%Auger-AliassimeCoric Wawrinka - Humbert QF45
9United Kingdom#17-Sd#5Drivers  515525/5545.5%WawrinkaAuger-Aliassime Evans - Dimitrov 8e20
10Sweden#10-Sd#1Energyx17 Energyx17 505530/5554.5%KyrgiosFucsovics Chardy - Dimitrov 8e20
11France#19-Sd#6crush  495531/5556.4%WawrinkaRuud Evans - Dimitrov 8e20
12France#43Alqualonde  485530/5554.5%KyrgiosDimitrov Wawrinka - Ruud 8e20
13France#21-Sd#7Nicopat  485529/5552.7%WawrinkaDimitrov Kyrgios - Auger-Aliassime 8e20
14France#16-Sd#4Faux Faux 475529/5552.7%WawrinkaDimitrov Evans - Fucsovics 8e20
15France#54Dulo40  475528/5550.9%WawrinkaHumbert Mannarino - Auger-Aliassime 8e20
16Argentina#44ezequiel2014  455528/5550.9%WawrinkaDimitrov Kyrgios - Auger-Aliassime 8e20
17Lebanon#30RogerCake  455527/5549.1%DimitrovWawrinka Coric - Sonego 16e10
18United States of America#22-Sd#8backhandpass  445526/5547.3%KyrgiosDimitrov Wawrinka - Auger-Aliassime 16e10
19France#68Sim  435527/5549.1%CoricDimitrov Wawrinka - Sonego 16e10
20Netherlands#47jimmycornflake  415527/5549.1%KyrgiosHumbert Fritz - Ruud 16e10
21United States of America#27ThePunisher  415525/5545.5%WawrinkaDimitrov Kyrgios - Auger-Aliassime 16e10
22France#48Toastt3 Toastt3 335523/5541.8%DimitrovFritz Kyrgios - Fucsovics 16e10

22 Players. Missing members of the top20 LLTL: #1-Panatta #2-TennisElbow #3-Tono #4-LeTennis #5-atoenupu #6-Adriano2000x #7-jeanlebosquet #8-latizada #9-mcatolico #11-PrinceGaga #12-gasgalarza #14-Tipsytime #18-tib1211 #20-DianeGrr

* If several players have the same points AND the same number of good picks, the ATP points are shared between these players. For more details, please read the article.

Points per good pick1234556-
Final prize LLTL rank.01020459090150250