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DEADLINE (UTC+2) 2021-09-21 08:00:41 Catégorie / CUT ATP 250 / 28
Lieu Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan Surface / Conditions Dur (int.)
Dates 20/09/2021 - 26/09/2021 Prize Money 480 000 USD
Vainqueurs Soonwoo Kwon
Ratio MCG 59.3 % (16/27)

Vainqueur : TennisElbow - (26/09/2021 22:39)
“ The new format is interesting, my Kwon SF pick helped me win this one. I just pipped TipsyTime who had Duckworth as a SF pick. Obscure picks are perhaps the way to go? ”

Finaliste : Tipsytime - (16/01/2022 11:06)
“ I want to take advantage and say something about this stupid process. I understand how Australians feel, in our country during quarantine we had some people who were breaking the rules and i know how I felt then. He should have been vaccinated, we all know his opinion on medicine in general, he didn't want to go to elbow surgery for a long time because he thought it will heal by itself or something similar, then the episode with Pepe Imaz... But if he respects the rules and does everything they wanted him to do, this is so embarrassing. They have deported Voračova and Serdarušić even though they let them to be there for a couple of days. Unprecedented. And nobody, except Kyrgios?!, said a word of support. But after the battle is finished, we now see plenty of messages. This will only help him to cement the goat position. I don't want to play this tournament, but someone has to defend title if i am not mistaken. 😀 ”

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#JoueurPoints à défendrePointsNb PronosCorrectsRatioVainqueurFinalisteDemi-finalistes-PTS
1Royaume-Uni#14-TDS#6TennisElbow  33.42313/2356.5%IvashkaBublik Kukushkin - Kwon V250
2Serbie#3-TDS#2Tipsytime Tipsytime 33.12313/2356.5%BublikIvashka Duckworth - Lajovic F150
3Argentine#2-TDS#1srematias  26.72312/2352.2%IvashkaBublik Millman - Musetti SF190
4États-Unis#6-TDS#4tenedab  25.62312/2352.2%IvashkaPaire Krajinovic - Lajovic SF268
-France#15-TDS#7DianeGrr  25.62312/2352.2%IvashkaPaire Millman - Lajovic SF268
6Chilipmaister  25.02311/2347.8%IvashkaMusetti Millman - Bublik QF45
7Argentine#5-TDS#3gasgalarza  25.02311/2347.8%IvashkaLajovic Millman - Bublik QF45
8Pays-Bas#29jimmycornflake 2024.12311/2347.8%BublikKrajinovic Ivashka - Musetti QF45
9France#26BBZ BBZ 23.82311/2347.8%BublikKrajinovic Ruusuvuori - Musetti 8e20
10Belgique#46Adriano2000x Adriano2000x 21.22310/2343.5%MillmanBublik Ivashka - Lajovic 8e20
11Suisse#21-TDS#8Adunar 9019.92310/2343.5%KaratsevBublik Krajinovic - Lajovic 8e20
12Pays-Bas#10-TDS#5grandje grandje 19.7239/2339.1%IvashkaBublik Millman - Musetti 8e20
13Canada#36dwightcharles dwightcharles2018.5239/2339.1%IvashkaBublik Krajinovic - Musetti 8e20
14France#48Alqualonde 018.42310/2343.5%KaratsevBublik Krajinovic - Lajovic 8e20
15Australie#47EvilScootus 016.7239/2339.1%BublikKrajinovic Karatsev - Musetti 8e20
16France#39Alexpp Alexpp 16.7239/2339.1%BublikKaratsev Millman - Musetti 8e20
17France#38JSPAD95 JSPAD95016.5239/2339.1%KaratsevPaire Millman - Lajovic 16e0
18France#34dcb70  15.2238/2334.8%KaratsevBublik Millman - Lajovic 16e0
19France#31Topper Topper 14.7238/2334.8%KaratsevBublik Krajinovic - Lajovic 16e0
20France#62ggfabi  12.2236/2326.1%LajovicKrajinovic Bonzi - Paire 16e0
21Autriche#53Zedon57  10.3237/2330.4%KrajinovicLajovic Karatsev - Paire 16e0
22Liban#37RogerCake 208.3234/2317.4%KaratsevDjere Munar - Gerasimov 16e0

22 Joueurs. Membres du top20 LLTL absents du tournoi : #1-latizada #4-crush #7-mcatolico #8-CocoJumbo #9-Toastt3 #11-Dan10nis #12-SNAP #13-Tono #16-Sim #17-FabulFab #18-Makanaki #19-Monkie #20-backhandpass

* En cas d'égalité sur le nombre de points ET sur le nombre de pronostics justes, les primes ATP sont partagées entre les égalités. Voir l'article détaillé pour plus de détails

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Prime finale class. LLTL020459090150250
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