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LLTL NextGen Finals + LLTL Doubles Finals ! List of players...

Nelson Loser - 2021-11-06 21:50

Four tournaments are available next week :
- two for the main LLTL Tour, as usual (Stockholm Open and the Challenger de Roanne)
- a challenger in Bratislava, like last season to welcome the LLTL NextGen Finals => NextGen LLTL Finals - Slovak Open
- the double LLTL Finals, played like last year in Linz => Linz - Double Finals


The LLTL NextGen Finals are only open to the players among the Rookies top10. These rankings are available on the homepage. The 10 players called are :
Tipsytime - SNAP - Sim - FabulFab - Letaulier - lightgas - Nicobref23 - LeTennis - homermanu - tib_os

10 players, but only 8 spots in the end. homermanu and tib_os are substitutes, in case one of the player from the top8 does not take part in the tournament.

For the Double Finals in Linz, you can team up with one of the players from the LLTL Doubles top20:
dwightcharles - Drivers - srematias - ezequiel2014 - gasgalarza - Faux - DianeGrr - crush - Tono - Adunar - snollygoster - EvilScootus - tenedab - LeTennis - PrinceGaga - mcatolico - Energyx17 - Adriano2000x - Tipsytime - atoenupu

20 players, but only 16 spots in the end, priority is given to the top16. The 4 "substitutes" are : Energyx17 - Adriano2000x - Tipsytime - atoenupu

The ither two tournaments are open to all the other players.
You can't play two ATP tournaments the same week, as usual.
But of course you can attend an ATP tournament + the WTA finals.
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