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[Sep-28 23:19] Sofia Open : Gerasimov d. Pospisil
[Sep-28 23:05] San Diego Open : Korda d. Paul
[Sep-28 21:55] Chicago WTA : Mertens d. Yastremska
[Sep-28 21:54] Chicago WTA : Jabeur d. Hsieh
[Sep-28 21:54] Chicago WTA : Azarenka d. Zhang
[Sep-28 21:53] Chicago WTA : Kontaveit d. Brengle
[Sep-28 21:53] Chicago WTA : Ruse d. Giorgi
[Sep-28 21:53] Chicago WTA : Anisimova d. Golubic
[Sep-28 21:52] Sofia Open : Kuzmanov d. Musetti
[Sep-28 19:24] Chicago WTA : Zidansek d. Stephens
[Sep-28 19:01] Chicago WTA : Dart d. Maia
[Sep-28 19:00] Chicago WTA : Martincova d. Serrano
[Sep-28 18:10] Chicago WTA : Baptiste d. Paolini
[Sep-28 18:10] Chicago WTA : Teichmann d. Kanepi
[Sep-28 17:42] Sofia Open : Kecmanovic d. Andreev
[Sep-28 17:41] Sofia Open : Mager d. Mannarino
[Sep-28 17:32] Chicago WTA : Linette d. Vandeweghe
[Sep-28 17:31] Sofia Open : Djere d. Martinez
[Sep-28 16:14] Sofia Open : Giron d. Munar
[Sep-28 14:06] Sofia Open : Millman d. Ymer

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EDIT : a small change to the new point scale system, to be tested during the US Open 2021

Nelson Loser - 2021-08-28 21:49

After our first try last week during Winston-Salem 2021 , we're going to keep using the new point scale for the ATP US Open and the WTA US Open.

If you don't remember the rule, please have a look to our article last week :the points scale is changed, to encourage and reward the risk takers !.

We received several comments and questions, so we decided to change one rule : the formula will now use the total number of picks, instead of only "the number of wrong picks on the opponent". The new formula is then :
BONUS = roundIndex * ( 1 - ( number of good picks / ( number of good picks + total number of picks ) ) )

To illustrate thhis with the same example, let's reuse the FO 2021 final between Djoko and Tsitsipas. The players who picked Djokovic would have now obtained :
7 + 7 * ( 1 - ( 3 / 58 ) ) = 7 + 6.64 = 13.64pts ! instead of 11.9pts with the previous version of the formula.
Please note that we use 58 players and not 67, because 9 among the 67 decided to join the challenger during the 2nd week of the FO .

Once again, please share your feedbacks and comments !


NEW : the points scale is changed, to encourage and reward the risk takers !

Nelson Loser - 2021-08-21 15:58

This is something I've been thinking about for a while, it seems that we now have a functionnal solution for it. Thanks to all who helped me in the brainstorming. It should add some fun to the game ;-)

Here is the idea :
From now on, in addition to the existing reward for a good pick (1 point at the 1st round, 2pts at the 2nd round, etc until 7pts for the winner of a Gran Slam), we will add a bonus that wil depend on the originality of your pick. The more you are to choose the same player, the smaller the bonus will be. On the opposite if only a few players picked the winner, they will obtain a big reward.

We will certainly adjust several details. The tournament played next week, ATP250 of Winston-Salem, will be our first test with the new points system. Depending on how it goes and the feedbacks we receive, we will maybe try a different setup. If this system is OK, then we will extend it to all the future tournaments. Maybe for next season ? Maybe sooner ? We'll see.

Whatever happens, please contact us and share your remarks and feedbacks. Positive or negative, I'm looking forward to read you.


Now, if you like the calculations the way I do, here are the details of the rule that will apply next week at Winston-Salem 2021.

Points obtained for a good pick = usual points + BONUS
The BONUS is calculated this way :
BONUS = roundIndex * ( 1 - ( number of good picks / ( number of good picks + number of wrong picks on the opponent ) ) )

Let's use examples based on previous tournaments. Pure random : Paire VS Shapovalov during Cincinnati 2021.
Among the 50 players of the tournament, only 1 picked Paire (#genius), 49 picked Shapovalov. Paire won this 2nd round, giving 2pts to the player who picked him alone.
With the new rule, the reward would have been :
BONUS = 2 * ( 1 - ( 1 / ( 1 + 49 ) ) ) = 1.96pt
The final reward would have been 2 + 1.96 = 3.96pts. Almost twice the previous reward.

If Shapovalov had won that match, the 49 players would have got :
2 + 2 * ( 1 - ( 49 / ( 49 + 1 ) ) ) = 2.04pts

As you can see, for a match that was giving up to 2 pts, the bonus will be between 0 and 2 pts. The final reward will be between 2 and 4 pts.

Let's use anther example, the final of the FO 2021. We had : 7 picks on Tsitsipas, 3 on Djokovic, 48 on another player (Nadal, Federer, ...) The 3 players who picked Djoko obtained 7pts.
With the new rule, they would have obtained :
7 + 7 * ( 1 - ( 3 / ( 3 + 7 ) ) ) = 11.9pts

Picking Tsitsipas would have given less (9.1pts).

The result depends on the number of players still in competition. Which means that a match between a playerspicked by several persons, versus a player without any pick (the big surprise of the draw), will NOT give ANY bonus. Which is quite relevant, since there is no risk to reward in that specific situation. But this point is open to discussion. We'll see if this element should evolve.

Another fine detail that will (un)please many : when a lucky loser appears in the draw, it will ruin the odds. Well... too bad ! We'll see if the bonuses should be cancelled for these matches.

Another potantial consequence is the end of equalities between two players at the end of a tournament. With all these decimals, the ties will become quite unlikely to happen.

Again, please feel free to share your comments and feedbacks about this evolution. I hope you'll see it as a fun new step, but if it's not the case, we will adapt or delete it !



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