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[Sep-25 22:06] Tokyo Open WTA : Bucsa d. Saigo
[Sep-25 22:06] Tokyo Open WTA : Kalinina d. Krueger
[Sep-25 22:05] Tokyo Open WTA : Samsonova d. Maria
[Sep-25 22:05] Tokyo Open WTA : Day d. Uchijima
[Sep-25 22:05] Tokyo Open WTA : Hontama d. Hibino
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LLTL Finals 2022

Nelson Loser - 2022-11-13 10:51

Time to play the LLTL Finals, at Helsinki !

Here is the list of 10 players allowed to join :

PrinceGaga, MaxlaMenace, srematias, Letaulier, BBZ, siggy, Toastt3, Zedon57, grandje, Tono

As usual, only 8 draws will be kept.

Enjoy the very final tournament !


Les LLTL NextGen Finals => open de Roanne

Nelson Loser - 2022-11-06 18:45

As usual the best rookies (registered after 01-01-2021) can join an extra tournament for the LLTL NextGen Finals => the beautiful Open de Roanne :)

Here is the short list of 12 selected players :

Letaulier, siggy, lightgas, nitsuj, JackPerth, pmaister, chafedex, tib_os, Sypha, Ovix59, GollumRF, Dzep

Only 8 players can attend the tournament in the end, but these 12 are allowed to fill in the draw, in case some of the top8 are missing (especially the 2 players invited to the LLTL Finals : siggy et Letaulier who can't join these 2 tournaments)

Have fun !


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