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LLTL, the end ?

Nelson Loser - 2023-11-20 08:28

January 2015, december 2023. Nine seasons spent filling in draws and scores, adding new features, fixing bugs, and crying because of my poor picks 99% of the time ! The secure pick was always Novak Djokovic...

The first time I tried to stop the website was before the season 2019, and at that time i decided to continue because of your many unexpected and nice supporting messages ;-) Once again I'd like to thank a lot all the persons who helped me during these years. Some of you added more than 1000 scores in the database ! And it does not even count the time spent filling in the neverending GS draws !

This time I'll stop for good. A new price policy at my web host service finished to convince me. Instead of starting a new migration, I'd rather let it go.

Of course if one (or several) of you are willing to take care of the website, please do ! I can give the whole source code, the database, and the passwords of the different accounts. I'll make sure that the email database doesn't end up anywhere !

In order to have the wesbite up and running, you would need to :
  • pay for the domain name (luckylosertennis.com costed me 20? every year)
  • have a web host for the source code (PHP) + Mysql database. It costs as well
  • have some knowledge in php/mysql, even if it's basic programming level (be ready, it's ninja coding !)
  • get an email account linked to it
  • find motivation

We have right now an LLTL admin Signal group and I know that some of the guys there are ready to help if someone have the technical skills. If you're interested, just let me know and I can help you getting in touch with each other ! The domain name will be active until the 13th of January 2024, and you can reach me at contact@luckylosertennis.com

See you in another life !

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