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CocoJumbo/anekfu - First LLTL Doubles + WTA tournament !

Nelson Loser - 10/02/2020 12:19

CocoJumbo/anekfu - WTA Australian Open

MickaëLLTLlodra: Hi anekfu and CocoJumbo, congrats on your WTA OA title! That makes you the first ever LLTL doubles number 1, a way for you to be remembered in the community's history. I guess you are proud of you, and have ambitions for this first LLTL WTA season?

CocoJumbo : It's really good to get a win, even though it is the new WTA tour. "Making history" sounds nice, I did not really think about it. The WTA season can be really interesting this year especially that LLTL will host only the big tournaments. Let's see if our team can handle the heat and stay together all season ;)

anekfu : such a great achievement ! And I'm quite proud to be the first (and only one so far) player to have reached the 1st spot both in singles and doubles. Of course our ambition is now to stay number 1 until the end of the season.

MickaëLLTLlodra: Your team has had quite peculiar statistics in this tournament, with CooJumbo being ? by far ? the best player in the tournament, with an impressive 67.7% ratio of bets, while anekfu barely reached 55% and ended as 31st best player. You were therefore the team with the biggest point difference; would you say that this difference was actually the key to your success?

CocoJumbo : We were joking about it a lot in the first week where anekfu had some horrible results but in the end the points we got from him in later rounds were crucial (as well as Kenin and Mugu making such an unpredictable final). We did not discuss our team before the start apart from stating who we picked for the final. Good thing about it is that we did not make the same mistakes in early rounds. It is a different tactic when all the results can count double (and we could've lose because of that if Halep won the title).
I think that for the next tournaments we will discuss who to play a bit more.

anekfu : the key in double is to choose the good partner right ? I think both kayoo83 and I were able to do it quite well! But you should not underestimate all the work that is not visible: mental preparation, team routines, strong support. And all the doubles specialists know that CocoJumbo's amazing performance wouldn't have been possible without the perfect alchemy of our team. Well I hope this is what the history will remember of my participation haha.

MickaëLLTLlodra: Thank you guys for the interview, and good luck for the upcoming tournaments! One last question, because Micka's interview wouldn't be complete without your opinion (biased or not) on actual or future tennis news: on the last 18 WTA GS, 11 have been won by a player for whom that was the first GS title. Do you think we'll see new winners again in the next 3 GS? If so, who could it be?

CocoJumbo : For sure, it will be Iga Swiatek (no bias at all :D). Actually I'd say it was Flavia Penetta in 2015 (aged 33) who broke the deadlock and Serena's domination to get her first (and only) single slam. Then Jelena Ostapenko gave new hope for all the young players and here we are now, women slams being more unpredictable than ever probably and so many new young champions. I still hope that one of the older players will manage to get a first grand slam title soon too (hoping for Julia Goerges at Wimbledon). It will not be easy for sure.

anekfu : Lucas Pouille ? My biggest challenge now is to try to follow what happens in WTA.

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